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Crow Agency, MT 59022
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Special Session: August 29, 2023 at 1:00 PM

Greetings from the Crow Tribe Legislative Branch

Welcome to the Crow Tribe Legislative Branch website! It is our hope that this will serve as a tool to inform the public of the work the Legislative Branch performs for the Crow People and all the work we are continuing to perform daily to remain, “The People’s Branch.” We serve six respected districts within the Crow Reservation and operate as a distinct branch of the Crow Tribal Government (Article V, Section 1).

Feel free to visit past and present legislation, Senators, Committees and many other areas provided in our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or your District Senators though the Contact Us page where direct contact information is located. Thank you for visiting and stay as long as you would like!


Speaker Decrane

Secretary TakesEnemy


It is the Mission of the Legislative Branch of the Crow Tribal Government to remain an autonomous entity of the tribal Government of the Crow people while working in conjunction with Executive and Judicial Branches to benefit the tribe.

The lawmaking power of the Legislative Branch will be directly responsive to the needs of the Crow people.

The Legislative Branch will work to create a voice for the Crow People. Legislators from each of the six districts on the reservation represent their respective constituents by creating opportunity for economic growth, improved infrastructure, advancements in education and an improved relationship with the general council.

Public Notices
Thu 14

Statement of Congratulations from the Crow Tribe Legislative Branch

Speaker DeCrane, Secretary Takes Enemy and the entire Crow Tribe Legislative Branch would like to congratulate the newly crowned 2024 Crow Fair Royalty on their selection to represent their districts and the Crow Tribe:
Miss Crow Nation- Michaiah Pease
Miss Teen- Azalea Dust
Miss Junior- Caison Cummins
Miss Tiny Tot- Kaycee Costa
BlackLodge District – Marley Hugs
Pryor District – Jaycee Killsprettyenemy,
River Crow District – Lacey Old Coyote
Center Lodge- Khloe Cummins
Lodge Grass- Bryce Three Irons
No Water Karis Bright Wings Pease
Big Horn- Savaya Alden
Wyola- Embery Crooked Arm
Off Reservation- Siclly Glenn
The Crow Tribe Legislative Branch is rooting for your success in the upcoming year, knowing you will represent the Crow Tribe in a positive manner. The Crow Tribe Legislative Branch would also like to congratulate the 2024 Crow Fair General Manager, Brinna Melendrez, on running a successful Crow Fair Pageant.
Wed 6

Statement of Condolence

Speaker DeCrane, Secretary Takes Enemy and the entire Crow Tribe Legislative Branch would like to express condolences and messages of comfort to those who have recently lost a loved one. Speaker DeCrane and Secretary Takes Enemy’s statement of comfort:

Meetings & Events
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