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Crow Agency, MT 59022
ANNOUNCEMENTS: ACP Program event on May 03 – May 05 from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. under the Crow Tribe Enrollment Office

Greetings from the Crow Tribe Legislative Branch

Welcome to the Crow Tribe Legislative Branch website! It is our hope that this will serve as a tool to inform the public of the work the Legislative Branch performs for the Crow People and all the work we are continuing to perform daily to remain, “The People’s Branch.” We serve six respected districts within the Crow Reservation and operate as a distinct branch of the Crow Tribal Government (Article V, Section 1).

Feel free to visit past and present legislation, Senators, Committees and many other areas provided in our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or your District Senators though the Contact Us page where direct contact information is located. Thank you for visiting and stay as long as you would like!


Speaker Decrane

Secretary TakesEnemy


It is the Mission of the Legislative Branch of the Crow Tribal Government to remain an autonomous entity of the tribal Government of the Crow people while working in conjunction with Executive and Judicial Branches to benefit the tribe.

The lawmaking power of the Legislative Branch will be directly responsive to the needs of the Crow people.

The Legislative Branch will work to create a voice for the Crow People. Legislators from each of the six districts on the reservation represent their respective constituents by creating opportunity for economic growth, improved infrastructure, advancements in education and an improved relationship with the general council.

Public Notices
Tue 9

Grand Opening

The Crow Tribe Legislative Branch would like to congratulate Tana Cummins, owner of Tipi Creek Coffee, and Charlene Johnson, Chief Executive of Plenty Doors on their Grand Opening! Their work in revitalizing the old Crow Mercantile is an important step for many in creating Crow owned businesses not only here in Crow Agency, but in other towns and districts here on the Reservation.
During the April Quarterly Session, Sen. Alden, Chair of the Economic Development committee, and other committee members were granted the opportunity to tour the newly renovated Plenty Doors headquarters and were briefed on the work they are doing to bring opportunities to the Crow people. We here at the Crow Tribe Legislative Branch would like to thank and congratulate Plenty Doors and Tipi Creek coffee for their work and for the opportunities they are creating for so many Crow people.
Speaker Decrane and Secretary Takes Enemy encourage the Crow people to attend this great event and see the work these two individuals have done. Sami Walking Bear with Western Native Voice also has a booth and the Speaker and Secretary encourage you to visit her to register to vote and hear about the importance of voting.
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