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Public Notice: Housing Ordinance Public Comment

Pursuant to the new Housing Ordinance, the housing regulations require that they be available to the public for the next thirty (30) days for public comment. The deadline for public comment is November 4, 2017. The Ordinance is a large document and is divided into several portions below.

Public Comments may be submitted to the Housing Board or to the Legislative Branch.

Apsaalooke Nation Housing Authority Policies:

Part 1 – Cover, Legislative Resolution, Board Resolution

Part 2-Policies, Title 19 CLOC Housing Ordinance

Part 3-Admissions & Occupancy (1st Section)

Part 3-Admissions & Occupancy (2nd Section)

Part 4-Financial Management

Part 5-Travel & Vehicle Use

Part 6-Procurement

Part 7-Maintenance

Part 8-Reolocation

Part 9-Real Property Acquisition